Spin-on Dielectrics (SOD)

FEOL gap-filling solution with AZ Spinfil? spin-on dielectric technology

FEOL gap-filling solution

AZ Spinfil? Series is a PHPS (Per Hydro Poly Silazane)-based inorganic spin-on dielectric material designed for gap-filling and planarization for FEOL (Front-End Of Line) applications in advanced device manufacturing.

AZ Spinfil? Series can be converted to pure and dense SiO2 film. This has similar properties to high performance CVD oxide, with additional benefits of excellent gap filling performance and low cost of ownership. These benefits are thanks to low CAPEX and extremely high throughput.

AZ Spinfil? technology enables perfect SiO2 gap-filling with no voids and is extendable to 10nm or beyond. The material behaves like a flowable liquid polymer at the coating step and can convert to pure dense SiO2 after an appropriate furnace curing step.

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