We believe in the power of partnerships. Our close collaborations with our business, our suppliers and each other, enable us to realize our aptitude for growth, optimize supply security and foster innovation.

Driving Value Through More Than Just Financials

In a fast-paced technological environment, our customers and suppliers count on our commitment to put innovation and sustainable supply security at the core of every decision we make. Our overarching aim is to optimize the financial contribution for our company and ensure that all goods and services are available on time, as specified and at the most favorable conditions.?

Together with our suppliers, our global Procurement team inspires each other to go the “extra mile” for our customers and Business Sectors. Constantly challenging the status quo, we implement compliant and efficient processes by using advanced digital solutions, applying them in a flexible and agile way.?

Innovation Sourcing- Creative thinking is in our DNA.?

InnoSource is our approach to support our individual Business Sectors with supplier-enabled innovation. As a catalyst to innovation, creative thinking is entrenched in our DNA. Our teams proactively drive innovative ideas and change initiatives to and from the supplier market. For our Business Sectors we strive to create the best access to supplier enabled innovation by creating a collaborative and creative environment with our suppliers. Finally, we act as a facilitator for external and internal innovation opportunities.?

Behind the Scenes of InnoSource

  • 500 procurement experts partnering with our Business Sectors
  • 70,000 suppliers in our portfolio and many more on the market as potential innovation partners?
  • ~100 projects focused solely on innovation sourcing

Sowing the Seeds of Innovation

Innovation is our Ambition
Together with the Business Sectors, we’re constantly seeking and screening for innovations.

Introducing Innovation to the Ecosystem
"Bringing together several suppliers on a 'Supplier Innovation day' gave an efficient overview, revealing the obstacles that are behind the medical device industry and giving a hands-on experience we hadn’t had before. Looking forward to future events like this."?—?Head Search & Evaluation

Finding the Perfect Match for Every Project
"In perfect cooperation between Procurement and Development, our new product has been successfully implemented within only 10 months. Direct communication channels and rapid decisions were the key factors."?—?Product Manager


Supply Security – delivering the optimal quality and service with minimal disruptions

Let us be your partner of choice. We are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers and ensuring optimal quality and service with minimal disruptions. Securing supply in our fast moving environment is the key to our success.

Risk Management is an integral part of our sourcing activities. Managing our suppliers we consider dedicated risk factors and sustainability aspects. Together with our Business Sectors we determine the optimal approach to ensure a systematic, structured and comprehensive Risk Management process.

Looking Beyond Ourselves

Social Responsibility Starts With Us

Our business thrives on the environment we source from, making our responsibility to protect it even more critical. Our business activities require raw materials, packaging, technical products, components, and services. When selecting our suppliers, we consider in addition to quality, safety, and competitive pricing also environmental and social standards. This approach ensures we comply with international regulations.

We see ourselves as a part of society and therefore take responsibility for the products and services we source. We also regularly assess and audit the sustainability of dedicated suppliers. Our Responsible Sourcing Principles and our involvement with Together for Sustainability (TfS) chemical industry initiative reflect those unwavering commitments.

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